Our land investments are geared toward the long-term buy-and-hold institutional or real estate investor who wishes to diversify and solidify his or her portfolio by hedging their volatile equity and low-yielding fixed income investments with real estate investments in Texas. We continually search for opportunities within the DFW growth pattern to purchase acreage for individual or group investors. We will form single purpose entities to hold these investments for those individuals who wish to participate in one of our investor groups in the form of a trust, an LLC, or TIC ownership depending on investor goals. Our motto is "money is made at the time of purchase" so we negotiate strategically and aggressively on behalf of our investors at the time of purchase. At the time of sale, capital gains could be realized or carried forward through a 1031 exchange vehicle.

Our resort condominium groups are usually customers who wish to purchase a resort condominium on South Padre Island. Since our first investment in 1995, we have developed a network of investors from Mexico who wish to have investments in the USA and have a second home on The Island, as it is lovingly called by the locals.

Our foreclosure purchases would take place on the courthouse steps the first Tuesday of each month in either Collin, Denton, Dallas, or Tarrant County. Margins have tightened, but bargains can still be found with diligence. Our investors must be ready with sufficient funds for a cash purchase at the time of the auction. All funds are submitted in advance held in an insured trust account until a successful purchase is made. If unsuccessful at the time of auction, funds are immediately returned to the investor's account via wire transfer the day after the auction.